Michael Braverman - JAG Vice President of Field Operations

Michael Braverman

Michael Braverman is Vice President of Field Operations at JAG International, where he trains, leads, and coordinates our worldwide team of phenomenal Field Case Managers. Michael has lived and worked abroad for nearly two decades and began his career in the international workers’ compensation industry as a Field Case Manager almost a decade ago. His personal experience working claims on the ground provides him first hand expertise in quality claims management, and a unique insight and skill set to approach the challenges required to work claims in different countries.

With close to 9 years of international claims management support experience, Michael is in tune with the needs on the ground from start to finish. Excellence in the field is Michael’s speciality and he dedicates significant time to identifying and vetting the best local resources to ensure claimants around the world have access to proper care. You can expect 100% dedication, competence, and exemplary service when working with Michael.

Michael received his BA in Liberal Arts from Bard College and MA in International Relations from Yonsei University in South Korea where he focused on regional labor importation policies. In his free-time, Michael enjoys yoga, a good game of chess, and spending time outdoors with his wife and daughter.