ALJ Tides Are Turning

What is the Defense Base Act? The Defense Base Act is a federal law extending workers’ compensation benefits to overseas workers and civilians working for the military or the U.S. government. If someone is injured while working on the job overseas, they are eligible for lost wages and medical expenses. How is JAG International Helping? […]

IME Scheduling and Reporting Metrics

What is an IME?An IME is an Independent Medical Examination, which is often used in workers’ compensation cases to validate an injury or determine the severity of an injury so the worker can obtain the proper care for recovery.  An IME is performed by an independent third party to obtain unbiased results and a firm […]

6 Tell-Tale Signs You Need an IME

What is an IME? An IME is an Independent Medical Evaluation. The purpose is to confirm the original injury and treatment plan that the worker is following from the treating physician. In some cases, one may be ordered to dispute the worker’s claim of injury due to insurance fraud.  The physician performing the IME is […]