Dante Capozzola - JAG Director of Operations

Dante Capozzola

Dante Capozzola graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Economics. After nearly two decades in the software space, Dante entered the international claims management arena in 2019 driven by an inspiration to make a more tangible impact on the world.

Inspired by JAG’s mission, Dante joined JAG as the Executive Director of Operations in an effort to create the optimal environment for our vision to take flight, specifically by maximizing efficiency in the claims space at every step in the process. By quickly ramping up on industry knowledge and combining it with skills honed in his previous life, Dante co-developed and continues to refine our custom built applications and product suites that can allow carriers, adjusters, physicians, claimants, and us to spend less time on administrative processes and more time focusing on the claims. In turn we get closer to achieving our goal of providing injured workers the care and attention they deserve at the time they need it.

In his spare time, Dante enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, and if there is any time leftover, watching any sports he can sneak in.

Jag International Services

International Surveillance

We provide our local surveillance agents with a comprehensive outline of relevant claim info, alleged injuries, and associated mental and/or physical limitations. While surveillance is underway we manage the field data in real time to provide immediate direction to agents while conducting their investigation.