Jeffrey Darak - JAG Director of Claims

Jeffrey Darak

Jeffrey Darak is the Director of Business Development at JAG International. Jeffrey’s experience includes all aspects of claims handling from active field work, independent adjusting to executive level management. He has worked in various lines of insurance claims, including Property/Casualty, Auto Liability, TPA services for Municipalities and State comp in multiple states. However, he specializes in the Longshore/DBA, with over 12 yrs experience in this arena. Jeffrey’s approach is aggressive as he has first hand experience with the value in acting quickly to execute on claims while maintaining integrity. Time is money and he aims to eliminate any time that unnecessarily increases the life of a claim, whether that is in the field or in the reporting/filing process.

Combining his years of experience in the field with expansive knowledge of the USL&H and its extensions, aids in training our investigators and case managers from the ground up. Jeffrey enjoys working with people from all over the world and assists in overcoming the shifting challenges of DBA claims handling abroad. He receives fulfillment in helping others and working with people of all different cultural backgrounds around the world.

Jeffrey received his degree from the University of Tampa in Sports Management. He evokes the team approach and always puts we before I. Eager to compete in the job market, he graduated in less than 4 years and followed his father’s footsteps entering the Insurance industry. He is married with 2 young children and constantly looks for fun, creative ways to achieve the work- life balance.

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All incoming claims are reviewed and processed considering the jurisdiction of the claim and the scope of the assignment. We develop a proactive action plan to conduct a thorough investigation on the pertinent file matters.