Our deposition support process is world class, not only because we operate globally, but also because our clients have come to rely on our commitment to excellence. When you assign JAG an international deposition, you can set it and forget it… until it’s game time. Below please find some of the features and we’ve put in place to ensure your international deposition goes off without a hitch:

  • Manage Pre-Deposition Logistics with All Parties to Ensure a Seamless International Deposition
  • Transportation Arrangements
  • Room & Board Arrangements
  • Secure & Private Conference Rooms Designed & Equipped to Minimize Common Audio, Video & Connectivity Issues
  • Locally Certified Interpreters
  • Notary (when available)
  • Court Reporter
  • Videographer
  • COVID-Minded Cleaning & Operational Protocols in Place

Our goal is to save you time, money and headaches due to last minute scrambling, sub-par audio / video quality, postponements and cancellations. Ask us how we can help you with your international deposition.

Medical Case Management

We assist injured workers,  from all around the world, who often lack the resources and knowledge to access reasonable/necessary care for work related injuries.

International Labor Market Survey Services

We work with Vocational Specialists to secure information necessary to complete expert labor market surveys, which can be crucial in determining an injured worker’s retained wage earning capacity.

Translations, Transcriptions & Interpreting

Our professional translation services provide bifurcated documents leaving the original text fully intact. We make special considerations for the type of document and apply that in our final product.