Medical Case Management is at the core of our services. We assist injured workers, scattered all around the world, who often lack the resources and knowledge to access reasonable/necessary care for work related injuries. We help coordinate medical care within the scope of carrier coverage and obtain the necessary information carriers require to substantiate ongoing treatment. We work with medical providers to outline a complete action plan that includes diagnosis, prognosis, forecasted MMI, work status and projected medical costs. We utilize a series of reporting protocols and systems to keep the claimant’s recovery on track in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

● Liaise with Medical Providers:
● Treatment Monitoring
● Diagnosis & Prognosis
● Medical Records Addressing Carrier Requirements
● Optimize Return to Work Schedules
● Maximum Medical Improvement date(s)
● Facilitate Payments for Treatment
● Acquire, Verify and Reimburse Claimant’s Out of Pocket Expenses

● Arrange Claimant Transportation to/from Appointments
● Permanent Impairment Ratings in accordance to AMA Guidelines
● Peer Reviews
● Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
● Monthly Treatment Updates
● Coordinate and Complete IMEs

Translations, Transcriptions & Interpreting

Our professional translation services provide bifurcated documents leaving the original text fully intact. We make special considerations for the type of document and apply that in our final product.

IME Services

Our comprehensive IME program provides clients with objective expert medical opinions that address specific carrier/defense counsel questions.


  • Compensability
  • Surveillance
  • War Hazards
  • Death