IME Services

Our comprehensive Independent Medical Evaluations program provides clients with objective expert medical opinions that address specific carrier/defense counsel questions. We have established a vast network of medical experts who work locally and/or travel regionally to neighboring countries. We work closely with defense counsel and clients to ensure quality and reporting remain within the requested scope of the evaluation.

● Data Compilation and Review: Medical History/Peer Review
● Pre-authorize and arrange Applicable Diagnostic Testing
● Scheduling and Logistics Coordination
● Arrange Claimant Transportation to/from IME
● Payments to IME Providers
● Translate/Provide Objectives/Scope to Evaluator
● Arrange Interpreting Services during IME
● IME Medical Record Provided by Vetted Objective Specialists
● Summary Report of Findings

Medical Case Management

We assist injured workers,  from all around the world, who often lack the resources and knowledge to access reasonable/necessary care for work related injuries.

International Labor Market Survey Services

We work with Vocational Specialists to secure information necessary to complete expert labor market surveys, which can be crucial in determining an injured worker’s retained wage earning capacity.

Translations, Transcriptions & Interpreting

Our professional translation services provide bifurcated documents leaving the original text fully intact. We make special considerations for the type of document and apply that in our final product.