General Medical Liaison

Traveling in foreign lands can pose unique and difficult challenges. Our team of locally based field agents can help world travelers and/or foreign workers navigate the medical landscape to mitigate delays and obstacles commonly encountered when seeking treatment abroad.

● Travel and Accommodation Assistance
● Transportation Services to/from airport, hotel, and appointments
● Medical Treatment Coordination
● Language and Translation Support
● Visa Extension Services
● Provide Accurate Estimated Treatment Costs
● Embassy Assistance

Medical Case Management

We assist injured workers,  from all around the world, who often lack the resources and knowledge to access reasonable/necessary care for work related injuries.


  • Compensability
  • Surveillance
  • War Hazards
  • Death

Translations, Transcriptions & Interpreting

Our professional translation services provide bifurcated documents leaving the original text fully intact. We make special considerations for the type of document and apply that in our final product.