Global Claims Manager

JAG International Inc. is looking to fill the position of Global Claims Manager.  This position may evolve based both on your personal strengths and the changing demands in the field, territories and types of claims you will be responsible for handling.

Our company, JAG International Inc ( is hired by US insurance companies to assist in adjusting workers’ compensation claims that arise under the jurisdiction of USL&H and its extensions (primarily Defense Base Act aka DBA).  We effectively function as the insurance carrier’s ground operatives and execute as an additional layer in the claims management process. We may be asked to handle a file at the onset of a claim or at any point thereafter. 

Our clients are usually the insurance carrier or their Third Party Administrator (TPA).  The carrier or TPA will decide when our services are needed and outline the extent of services to be provided. It is important to establish the parameters of the file assignment with the carrier to ensure we operate within the scope of the services requested/needed on a particular claim. Your ability to communicate effectively and often with carrier reps, defense counsel and your JAG teammates (both domestically and abroad), etc… is essential to keeping our assigned claims progressing towards resolution. 

As a Global Claims Manager, our Field Case Managers/Agents will take instructions from you and report to you.  Every file assignment is unique, so our Case Managers depend on the management team to guide them through their task assignments on each case. Most assignments generally include a variation of investigation and/or medical case management components and always require an organized and detail oriented approach.

Required skills:

  • 5-10 Years of Federal Claims Handling or Management Experience
  • Ability to Manage +/- 40 Diaries Per Day 
  • Ability to Calculate Comp Rates and Manage Payment Schedules for Disability Comp
  • Expert in Claims Lifecycle – Able to Develop a Complete Resolution Plan at Onset of Claim
  • Experience in the Field: Investigations, Statements, AMA Ratings, Setting up IMEs, etc.
  • Funds Tracking: Draft Estimated Budget and Tracking Expenses
  • Strong Networking Abilities
  • Significant Experience Report Writing with Impeccable Attention to Detail
  • Existing Network of Forensic Doctors / Expert Witnesses  (primarily psych and ortho)
  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Take Extreme Pride in Work (and Company Brand) 
  • Highly Accountable and Dependable
  • Strong Critical Thinker
  • Obsessively Organized
  • Self-Motivated 
  • College Degree 

Non-Required Skills:

  • Experience Tracking Time and Detailing Activities

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Keeping files on track and reporting to the client: We have a series of standard reports that managers are in charge of either drafting entirely or finalizing and sending to the client.
  • Medical Providers: Working with and further developing our network of medical professionals to ensure the claimant receives the best possible medical attention.  Reviewing and editing all medical reports as needed to ensure they are well written, include all necessary information and are delivered in a timely fashion.
  • Claim Resolution: Work with all parties to ensure claims resolution is reached efficiently and timely.
  • Occasional Travel: Conferences and/or Client Meetings 
  • Communicating with and managing the designated “field”, who are responsible for delivering on our global ground operations (coms with claimant and/or treating physicians via in person/remote medical case management, investigations and litigation support).
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Managing / Tracking your Time and Expenses via entering data in our proprietary database (JAGBase).   
  • Managing and updating files on JAGBase
  • Document handling/management
  • Engage in regular file reviews and/or training calls/meetings with your “Field” and JAG management team(s)


JAG International is a small, family run company that values our team.  We are only as strong as our weakest link and we do good work by bringing on talented team members. We pride ourselves in our care and support of those team members and to our best to ensure they have the tools and resources to do the best job possible. 

Our team is energetic, motivated, creative and will settle for nothing less than smart, sustainable growth. Our clients have changing needs and we are nimble and flexible, always keeping their long-term interests in mind. We look for ways to improve efficiency and charge clients less by working smarter for them. We can only accomplish this by hiring the best, most qualified candidates for the position. 

We appreciate your interest in our Global Claims Manager position and, if you feel you’d be a good fit, we look forward to connecting with you soon.

Compensation based upon experience and geographic location.

Please send all inquiries along with your resume to Chris Walker at