What is the Defense Base Act?

The Defense Base Act is a federal law extending workers’ compensation benefits to overseas workers and civilians working for the military or the U.S. government. If someone is injured while working on the job overseas, they are eligible for lost wages and medical expenses.

How is JAG International Helping?

JAG International is doing all it can to counteract the effects and find more ways to guide its clients towards informed decisions on how to handle their caseloads, employ improved defense strategies, and highlight best practices in case management.

The hard-working experts at JAG International strive to provide their clients with the best tools possible to process their claims successfully. They have built a strong team with vast experience in all aspects of this unique industry serving injured workers worldwide.

New Tool: Litigation Tracking

JAG International now offers a helpful tool called litigation tracking that clients can use to understand better the risk vs. reward of pursuing litigation over settling claims. 

Analyzing and understanding trends becomes a formidable loss control tool for underwriters as they make decisions about pricing and risk. Trends predict the future, and access to this data can put you ahead of the game.

Additionally, monitoring trends from the Office of Administrative Law Judges (OALJ/ALJ) can assist claims adjusters and managers and help them make better decisions about which direction to pursue with each case. Although you may be aware of overall industry statistics, much more information is available to aid our partners in constructing cost-effective decisions. JAG has the longevity and experience to help. 

JAG currently boasts an 88% success rate for claims we were involved with that went to trial. 

Where to Turn for Help

If you need help with your case or want more information about how JAG International can assist you, please get in touch with Candi Gainer. We can assist your claim organization in making better strategic choices to mitigate your losses, get workers the gold standard of care they deserve, and get them back to work as quickly as possible. 

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