What is an IME?
An IME is an Independent Medical Examination, which is often used in workers’ compensation cases to validate an injury or determine the severity of an injury so the worker can obtain the proper care for recovery. 

An IME is performed by an independent third party to obtain unbiased results and a firm opinion about the injury or illness. The physicians that perform IMEs are specially trained and licensed to do so. They will not be the patient’s ongoing physician for treatment; their only purpose is to evaluate the injury. Therefore, doctor-patient confidentiality does not apply in these cases. When participating in an IME, the patient may need to bring all their previous paperwork and medical files pertaining to the injury or workers’ compensation claim documents.

Typically, companies order an IME when there is a question about the nature of the injury or severity of the medical condition. Additionally, an IME often helps to resolve workers’ compensation claims quicker.
How JAG Continues to Improve on Its Metrics

To provide optimal client service, JAG International strives to use IME scheduling metrics to improve the timing of IMEs from start to finish. As a result, their numbers continue to improve year over year.
Typically, JAG averages an 11-day turnaround to provide scheduled appointment details from the date of Notice.
Once the evaluation is complete, JAG follows up with the provider to obtain the report for the client and defense counsel as quickly as possible. JAG is now averaging 21 days from the date of the evaluation to supply the client with the report from the evaluating doctor. 
JAG not only facilitates IMEs but also performs various other services to support injured overseas workers to help them get the care they need to recover quicker and return to work. 

Why Timing Matters

When a worker is injured and files a claim that the carrier disputes, it takes the focus off their injury and recovery. A quick and successful IME can get everything back on track and help the injured person to focus squarely on healing and returning to a normal life, or it can confirm the carrier position is objectively supported. The faster these matters are resolved, the better it is for everyone involved.

How to Learn More

Contact JAG International today if you want to learn more about scheduling an IME or how JAG can help facilitate the process. 

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